Friday, 24 August 2012

Swapping places

I nipped back out for the last hour before dark, aiming to fish the same pool I had fished earlier in the day. Dace had occupied a prime run and I found it strange. It looked the prefect trout lie and I was sure there must be some nice fish lying amonst the crease between fast and slow water. In addition, I had made some further adjustments to my nymphing indicators and wanted to give it a go.

 The river looked perfect and, although light was disappearing fast, I  was confident. There were no quick takes from the tiny coarse fish experience earlier in the day - perhaps a better trout had moved into position, swapping places with the Dace? After half a dozen casts, the indicator gently frew forwards and the rod was met with a healthy bend. The bottom? But suddently a downstream run and the sound of the reel suggested a feisty trout had picked up the nymphs. Now with all thing relative, I was using a 9'6" 1 weight rod with a 0.10mm tippet... so even a 12" was going to be huge fun. And what a fight, twisting and turning and running off the reel. A delight.

A healthy, fin perfect fish drew up to the net. I was well pleased.

On a 1 weight rod and size 20 nymph

A few more casts followed, but I had assumed that would be it. However, two further fish followed and gave fantastic sport on the super light tackle. What a cracking evening's fishing.

A beautiful wild brown fell to nymph tied in a jig hook

Plus, the new indicator set up seems to be working well. More soon.



Baslowfisher said...

Dave, I have wondered about these jig hooks for nymphs as they must impart a "sink and draw" motion to nymphs making them very attractive to trout. What do you think?

Dave Wiltshire said...

Yes, they do. You can bounce them along them bottom with confidence as they fish point upwards. Hugely effective and I am tying & fishing increasing numbers on jig hooks.

Bill Trussell said...

The lightest fly rod I have never fished a 3 wt. I am looking at goint for a 2 wt for the spring. What length is the fly rod in the 1 wt? Thanks for sharing

Dave Wiltshire said...

Bill, it is a rather unusual 9'6" rod rated for a #1. A beautiful, if somewhat specialist tool.


Unknown said...

Captain Ray Culver