Friday, 10 August 2012

Secret Streams

Exploring new water is exciting. Over the last few days I have had the opportunity to explore some tiny chalk streams. In some cases, these little rivers are so narrow, you could step across them. Others and wider but very shallow. All are crystal clear and full of trout that are very willing to take a fly.

However, unlike some of the trout that inhabit small, freestone streams, these fish do not need to salvage every feeding opportunity. Theses streams are so rich in fly life  that they can afford to be that little bit more picky. Matching the hatch is important and, as ever, presentation is vital for success. These fish may not be huge (although there are some larger than average specimens), but what they lack in size, they make up in quality. These are prime, healthy fish that pull hard and leap when hooked. They are fantastic sport on a #1 rod which is exactly what I tackled them with.
A tiny, unfished chalkstream

A fast run, no more than 2' wide... and full of fish!

The sort of hidden pools that produced some dace as well as trout

Making a cast acorss a smooth glide. Fish were feeding on olives despite the wind.

A small nymph brought success in lively pool

Crystal clear waters



Bill Trussell said...

Those are my kind of streams, I am jealous!!

Anonymous said...

I love fishing these kind of streams? What state are you in atleast?


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ssj said...

Great looking water, difficult to fish.
Steve J

Buniyad Real Estate Services said...

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